24-7 COMMITMENT is back from FDIC with Love to Share!

If you haven’t been following social media this past week, you might want to catch up. We had an incredible week at FDIC being able to connect with our audience in person. We are pretty sure we met THOUSANDS of firefighters and their spouses/significant others. Our booth was filled non-stop with fire families who are 24-7 committed to their marriages and families.

We want to give a huge shout out to the FDIC team who puts it on every year and their top sponsors. Without that kind of tremendous financial support, small non-profits like us would not have the opportunities we do. We especially want to thank QALO, who’s support allows us to be present and in-person with our community like this!

Also, we can’t give enough thanks toThe Fire Critic, The “Model City” Firefighter, and Wooden Ladders and Iron Firemen putting together Indy on Fire, the awesome party they threw to benefit us!

I know that may not mean much to you from where you are sitting reading this note, so let me try to explain in a way that is more connecting to your life.

Departments and Chiefs Who “Get” the Mission

Over and over again I met chiefs and captains and training officers who renewed my hope in the present and future of the fire service.Some days, reading emails and supporting our online communities here, I get weary wondering if every department is not paying attention to the stress and exhaustion of the job that then comes home and has an effect on our marriages. At the show, we talked to energetic, bright, excited leaders in the fire service who are eager to bring our books and Marriage on Fire program to their firefighters. (You can find the details here for how to bring those programs to your department…including H.O.T. for Marriage Workshop)

Even if your chief right now isn’t one who “gets it,” I also see that many chiefs will soon be retiring and this new era of leader is rising up. 

Can you hold on with us and be strong as you watch the evolution? My husband and I realized we may not see it to fruition in his career (with a minimum of 8 years left), but for the benefit of all of you who are newer to the fire service, I am hopeful.

Fire Wives are not fairly represented on the internet. 

There are real fire wives who use the internet maturely and appropriately who live life a lot like you. Positive, encouraging, and hopeful. Even those on Murphy’s Law shift days! They don’t have time to always be online and tend not to comment when someone is stirring the pot. It was very apparent to me after being in person with so many adorable, loving, caring fire wives, that what we see on the social media is not the best representation of people who live a 24-7 COMMITMENT mission in their life. If you never reply to our emails or say anything on our social media posts, we know what you would say if you met us in person.

I’ve been following you since the beginning. Thank you for all you do.

I love everything you post.

I don’t comment much, but I watch everything and appreciate it all.

We battled with pornography for 10 years until your article last year, which finally convinced my husband to get help.

My wife told me I had to stop here. She is a changed woman since she began following your site.

You know what’s amazing? I didn’t talk to a single cynical, hurting, negative-nelly during the whole show! (Usually we hear from some firefighters who jab at us negatively about their ex wives. Ew. We just pray for them anyhow. They can’t stop us!)

So that’s awesome for our team who was there in-person, but what about you at home who feel trapped in negativeville with your fire family?

If you are in a place where you are feeling disconnected from your local department and fire families, I have a word for you. Live your own life! We must first focus on caring for ourselves (that starts with caring for yourself personally so you can be the best spouse/parent). Our family foundation must be steady and firm. But, oh no, we can’t do that alone! We do need a support network around us. However, if your fire department is being torn apart by toxic leadership, higher call volume with no adjustment to protocols, or crew members that are simply worn out and overwhelmed with the stress and possibly PTSD from the job, you are not likely to get your tank filled up there.

Look at the people in your life who do recharge you and fill you up. Look for the good things about the fire service and fire family life. Get around people who are encouraging and supportive. (We may be biased, but our online communities are full of these people.)

But please don’t isolate yourself. And please let go of expectations for what your fire life should be. Is the auxiliary blowing up? Maybe it’s not meant to be. No other fun fire wives to hang out with? Don’t force it. We are first people. Husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and a million other titles for jobs that have nothing to do with the fire service. Be that first. Then, when your tanks are filled up, you can help us bring the honor and integrity and commitment back to the fire service. You are going to do amazing things for that culture shift we mentioned.


Our new book, Honor and Commitmentalmost sold out at the show! We came home with less than 50 books. Don’t worry, more are on their way so we can begin shipping the pre-sale orders online May 1st.

Our FREE SHIPPING special and our Buy 2 Get 1 Free special ends on April 30th so order quickly!





We have 26 Trust Bundles left! 

Oh the stories of infidelity we heard at the show! We were in tears as husbands stopped to buy this special package with a heart to make things work in their marriage. BONUS: We added coins to this bundle as well!


Marriage on Fire, our 6-week, self-study, online video series is a journey with an intentional focus on the love of your life.

We have a limited time special which includes Honor and Commitment, Marriage on Fire program, and Commitment Coins for only $75 total! That is a $25 savings!






Coins! Coins! Coins! They were a big hit! We believe in earning coins around here.

My husband is a Marine, and that tradition started way back in the military when it was a huge honor to carry someone’s coin.

You can earn Commitment Coins by completing Marriage on Fire or buying a Book Package.

This is so much information in one post, but it’s all really exciting. Sorry for the big word gush. if this inspired you….We have a few spots left for each of our Commitment Weekends (including some partial scholarships), but we need to know THIS WEEK! Contact us here.

Huge shout out to QALO for their support at FDIC and our Commitment Weekends. We can’t forget Scott Safety who awarded us a grant at FDIC (video here). Many of our book contributors, partners, and community members were featured on live video during FDIC. You can see the replays here.

I’ve talked enough (but didn’t lose my voice this time). Feel the love fire family! 

Lori Mercer,

“Just another girl who fell in love with a firefighter”

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Jamie and Jeremy (got married at FDIC!) with Lori Mercer

Jamie and Jeremy (got married at FDIC!) with Lori Mercer






A Firefighter's sweet message to his wife back home

A Firefighter’s sweet message to his wife back home



24-7 gets together at FDIC

24-7 gets together at FDIC




The ones who started it all, Dan and Lori Mercer

The ones who started it all, Dan and Lori Mercer




Jeanne and her Firefighter

Jeanne and her Firefighter

Melanie and William showing their commitment to each other

Melanie and William showing their commitment to each other



Brute Force Training, Lori Mercer and Dan Mercer, and Robert (555 Fitness)

Brute Force Training, Lori Mercer and Dan Mercer, and Robert (555 Fitness)









Model City Firefighter, Willie Wines from Wooden Ladders and Iron Firemen, Lori from 24-7 Commitment, and Rhett Fleitz from the Fire Critic

Model City Firefighter, Willie Wines from Wooden Ladders and Iron Firemen, Lori from 24-7 Commitment, and Rhett Fleitz from the Fire Critic







Dan and Lori Mercer

Dan and Lori Mercer


Lori Mercer and Willie Wines (Wooden Ladders and Iron Fireman)

Lori Mercer and Willie Wines (Wooden Ladders and Iron Fireman)






Where 24-7 Commitment spent the week at FDIC...our booth!

Where 24-7 Commitment spent the week at FDIC…our booth!



24-7 Commitment Booth at FDIC

24-7 Commitment Booth at FDIC






The 24-7 FDIC Fire Wives crew!

The 24-7 FDIC Fire Wives crew!





Tim from QALO!

Ted Baker from QALO!




Too much great stuff to fit into just one photo!

Too much great stuff to fit into just one photo!



FDIC Store Specials on Merchandise

Get great deals on your favorite merchandise from 24-7 Commitment’s FDIC shop!











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