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Commitment Weekend


Not every one can make it to a Commitment Weekend for one reason or another, but you can still have your very own Virtual Commitment Weekend at home!  We’re COMMITTED to sharing ways that you can reconnect with your spouse without even having to leave your own home.  We’ve gone and created this resource round up to cover all the bases to get you started.

It’s entirely possible you’ll catch a few glimpses of our events LIVE on Facebook.  You can watch all of our previous videos HERE.


Why have a Commitment Weekend, at home?

We all get busy and far too often put our marriages on the back burner.  When our marriages are out of sync, the rest of our lives tend to follow suit.  Being intentional in our marriages is more than just showing up every day.  We have to commit to being everything we promised our spouse we would be.

Your weekend doesn’t have to be elaborate or include spending money.  No need to replicate our event, only show commitment to your marriage and spouse by reconnecting through a date night, game night, cooking a meal together or other activity that you make time to focus solely on your marriage.

Are you ready?  Keep reading for easy, fun and even frugal ideas, helpful blog posts and videos meant to honor, strengthen and encourage your marriage to be the best it can be.

We’ve been there.

We get it!!! Schedules colliding, second jobs, kids everywhere, housework, yard work and there just doesn’t seem like there is enough time or checkbook to make a night on the town happen.  Here’s the thing, you do not even have to leave the comfort of your home to have a date night.  A night in can be just as special.  We hear all of the excuses, but keep reading!  You don’t need money, a sitter or hours of free time.  Fit those dates and intimate times in where you can and make the most of it.

Virtual Commitment Weekend

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Making the Time: At Home Commitment Weekend

Can you take this time to construct a Commitment Weekend with your spouse at home?  It doesn’t have to be big and elaborate, we have shared plenty of ideas to keep you connecting and entertained without adding stress.  Even if you have to wait until the little ones fall asleep!  Make that time for your marriage, your spouse and yourself.  Reconnect with the person you vowed to share your life with, don’t fall into that rut of just living each day.

1. Commit to Gratitude

We know you love your firefighter. Tell them every day! Think of 5 unique reasons you appreciate and love your spouse and tell them. They may be confused about why you are suddenly lavishing love and appreciation on them and ask you what you want. 🙂 Make sure they know just how special they are to you, without asking for anything in return.

2. Heat Up Your Home

With a romantic date night in your home. Put the kids to bed, put the work away, eat later if you have to, but make sure it is just the two of you. No phones, no kids, no distractions. Food is love. Whip up a romantic meal. Hint : try out a recipe from Eat Like a Firefighter. Or if you aren’t much of a chef, order in from your favorite local restaurant. Open a bottle of your favorite adult beverage. Pick a movie. It could be a new movie that you both have been wanting to see, it could be an old movie you loved seeing together, or it could be one your spouse wants to see (and with your loving heart you will happily sit through even if it isn’t your cup of tea!). Snuggle up close and fall in love all over again with your special date. Maybe bake some cookies for dessert 😉

3. Have a Fit Date

Exercise together! Watching your loved one flex their muscles can awaken those butterflies in your stomach. Take a walk, pump iron, go for a bike ride or hike, relax together at a yoga class, or do a home workout. Get that heart rate up and fire up the intimacy.

4. A Sense of Touch

After all that physical activity, massage away the tension. Spend 10 minutes giving a massage to your spouse. It can be a hand massage, a foot massage, a back massage, or wherever they are most in need of stress release. Maintain a giving spirit and really focus on getting rid of any tension they are holding. The intimacy and relaxing effects of this touch may open up emotions and feelings that lead to close conversations, bringing you even closer to your spouse.

5. Put it Down on Paper

How do you feel about the love of your life? A date night at home, getting healthy together, and a special massage session can really heat up your relationship. Connect on a deeper level and write a letter from the heart. Sit down and really spend some quiet time courting your love with a heartfelt, handwritten letter. Think about some of the following questions to get your flow going. Why do you love them? What do they do that makes you feel special? What secret moments have you shared together? What stood out about them when you first met? What is your favorite memory together?

Commit to your marriage. Honor your spouse. Have faith in your love and commitment to your spouse. Shake things up a bit to bring your relationship back to the beginning feelings of butterflies and adoration. Don’t be afraid to try new things together, whether your comfort zone is a new restaurant or ziplining through a canyon. Stay connected. Grow together. Always show your love.


Watch these videos and see what Commitment Weekends look like.


If you haven’t been able to attend a Commitment Weekend (formerly known as Flame Fest) in the past, here is a glimpse of what they’re like.

Want more information on Commitment Weekend?  All Commitment Weekend information will be updated at as it becomes available. Check there for updates.

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