24-7 COMMITMENT Fire Family Response

24-7 COMMITMENT’s mission is to strengthen marriages and families of first responders.  First responders see so much tragedy and give so much to their communities which brings stress to their own families….and often these givers are not ones to stop and ask for that help.
The biggest impact we’ve made on our marriages is by creating a community of couples who are striving to honor their marriages and who have made strong friendships and accountability partners.   Last summer, this happened when Beckley, West Virginia hosted our Commitment Weekend for 75 couples.  The local fire departments showed up to support that event in a big way and became part of our 24-7 COMMITMENT family.

Now, those fire families in West Virginia are in need of our help.

They are serving the flood victims around the clock and it’s our turn to step up and help them.
As with all great tragedies, many organizations are showing up to provide shelter and food for families who lost everything.   What we often see as fire families are the victims of tragedy who fall between the cracks.  They had insurance but it will be days, weeks or months before insurance money is available to make their home livable again.  In the meantime they are living apart from each other, away from their communities and perhaps not able to work their jobs due to the flooding.    These are the families we are going to specifically serve.
We are collecting the following until Tuesday June 28th 8 PM at the Mercer Family home in Lewis Center (address available by messaging us on Facebook or emailing   Please porch drop if we are unavailable.
We will be delivering these supplies directly to these families in West Virginia with the help of our Beckley Fire Department family and our 24-7 COMMITMENT Ambassadors in West Virginia, Bryan and Peggy Trump.
Supplies we are collecting include:
  • trash bags
  • paper towels
  • cleaning supplies  (rags, mops, spray cleaners, scrub brushes, clorox wipes, etc)
  • baby wipes
  • NEW:  pillows and large size 4 or 5 diapers and pull ups

In addition, we are collecting toiletries and diapers that will be donated to the women’s shelters in that area.

If possible during our trip, we will also be the “hands and feet” helping to clean / restore some of their homes as the flood waters recede.

Supplies will be delivered Wednesday June 29.

We will continue to monitor the needs and as these families are able to get back to their homes, additional needs will arise such as new mattresses, bedding, towels, etc.   Additional trips may be required in another few weeks as they get their homes back together.

If you are not able to drop off supplies but want to help financially in the purchase of supplies, you can donate at this form.   All dollars will be used directly to support the families in West Virginia.

11038077_983979124975796_4449505190092852550_oHELP WEST VIRGINIA FAMILIES

If you are not local or able to physically drop off the needed supplies we are collecting in Lewis Center, Ohio, you can support financially via 24-7 COMMITMENT, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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