The challenge has been thrown down.   My husband was giving me those looks all summer when someone said “what’s for dinner?”   Our crazy spring schedule is still in the recent uncomfortably hungry memories.   This fall we will NOT be left without dinner options.

I must confess it has taken me almost 6 months of working with Erin Chase over at $5 Dinners and FreezEasy to get the nerve up to do this.  I am NOT a kitchen girl.  The first thing I’d hire when independently wealthy and donating 90% of my funds to charity is a personal nutritionist and chef.   Until then, these kids have to eat.  Again.  And again.  And again and again and again.  Gotta fill those growing arms and legs.

So I’ve set aside a few hours.  (Disclaimer:  Erin says it should only take 1 but I’m a total newbie so I’m erring on the side of giving myself a lot of mental breaks, coffee breaks and disaster clean ups.)   I’ll do some Facebook Live over at the Firefighter Wife page.  And then I’ll be back here to report my best tips.

Oh yeah.  There’s this other big compelling reason I need to freezer cook.   I wisely ordered my family the cost saving jumbo sized fresh and healthy meat packs from Zaycon Fresh meats.   Then I promptly put them straight into the freezer without splitting them up!   When that happens you end up with 10 pound logs of ground beef and 10 pound wedges of chicken breast.   Soooooooo…… we are thawing those out, cooking and re-freezing into freezer meals.   You’re welcome for the tip 😉

Let me start with sharing 3 compelling reasons I chose FreezEasy as the program to follow:

 #1 The web based application that let’s you drag and drop to create your own meal plan

I brought the kids around my computer and they chose the meals they said they would like and eat.  They even agreed upon them standing in the room at the same time!

#2 It allowed me to pick different portions to match my family.  There is literally a drop down to switch between 2, 4, 6, 8 people meals, etc.

And….I’m going to switch that up a bit with all the ingredient portions is spit out in a list to me.  As you know, some nights only 3 people eat and other nights you’ve got an army.  I’ll be able to easily portion for different sized meals as I’m prepping.

#3 The gigantic library of choices, including gluten free, with new menus loaded up each month.

I did freezer cooking before.  It got boring.  One round and we were done.   Her menus change up all the time.  Monthly to be exact.

So, here we go.   More details on how the program works in the graphic below.

This post contains affiliate links.  We don’t do a lot of that around here but when we do we legally must let you know.  It doesn’t ever feel scammy because we only partner with the best products AND they are giving back to the non-profit.  win-win-win-winner-winner-chicken-dinner (in this case)

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