Back in August, I set aside a day to do some freezer cooking for our family. Guess what?

Our freezer is almost empty and our table has been FULL even during a busy fall activity season with 2 running cross country, 1 playing hockey, 1 playing soccer, leading one girl scout troop, 2 in orchestra and 1 in choir. (That’s 4 kids total in case you lost count)

There were fast meals that I could whip out and thaw and cook in 15 minutes.

Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes and Chicken Taco Bake for example. There were meals I had to remember to thaw the day before and took 25 minutes to cook – Chicken Brocoli Alfredo Bake. And for the most part, there were all happy faces eating dinner.

Our new family favorite was probably the gluten free Chicken Parmagian. Honestly, chicken parm was over my cooking level and ability in the past. I’d never dipped anything in eggs and then covering before in my life. (I know. I’m a real beginner in the kitchen considering I’m 44 years old)

So our family’s rating of the FreezEasy system: 11 thumbs up! (there’s six of us and always one pessimist in the crowd right?)

We’re already planning out for the upcoming winter months, and the kids like to sit with me for the 5 minutes it takes to drag and drop the recipes we chose into our meal plan.

The database has a ton of options and easy categorization so we go straight for chicken, beef and gluten-free recipes in our house.

The last time I did this, it was about a 6 hour affair. Because I don’t do anything simple. I doubled all the recipes and double prepped food.

But it took us over 2 months to finish all of that. #winning.

This time, I don’t have a full 6 hours on a weekend so I’m not going to cook doubles. And guess what happened?  10 meals in 1.5 hours!!!!

There is a system that makes this possible called FreezEasy.   She’s a generous donor to our non-profit and like any of our partners, her stuff rocks!   (or we wouldn’t call them partner!)

Start here to stock that freezer.

Prep Your freezer for the busy seasons of life!


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