Marriage Fire Safety Month Wrap Up

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So much effort goes into Fire Safety and Fire Prevention in the months of September and October.  We agree it’s highly important, but we added another area to apply those same basic rules to.  Firefighters spend countless hours training and preparing for those bad calls.  They depend on being prepared to any emergency, our question is, why do we not put as much effort into our marriages as we do into firefighting?  Why are we as couples not trying to fireproof our lives together?

Let’s look back on our favorite highlights from Marriage Fire Prevention Month.


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Marriage can often take back burner until you guessed it, they’re in distress or burning to the ground.  Or perhaps you just get too comfortable in your marriages and don’t notice the possible dangers.  We don’t want to see that happen to anyone!  Find out to apply Fire Prevention to your marriage read our post, Fire Safety For Your Marriage.  Although marriages take work and face challenges, we like to focus on prevention and the GOOD that keeps us all filled up and the right kind of fires burning strong.

“That’s how the last season of my marriage felt, but it overtook me before I saw it. In hindsight, of course, the signs had been there for some time. Our communication was surface level at best, and our relationship was over. We hadn’t put smoke detectors up in our marriage. We weren’t monitoring our status to make sure we were okay, and suddenly everything went down in flames.”

A guest speaker shared this excerpt in an intimate post on Smoke Alarms for Your Marriage.  Through their words we see what happens when you ignore those smoke alarms, with a few tips to prevent that from happening in your own marriages.

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