Firefighter Family Photos You’ll Cherish For Generations

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Even on the worst days of politics and drama on facebook, an adorable family photo, engagement photo or baby photo is going to make you smile.   Especially when it includes a firefighter family!

Photographic memories are so near and dear and precious to us all.   Even in this age of digital photography when you ask that question “if you had time, what’s the one thing you’d grab if your house caught on fire?”    So often it’s a box of photos.

We’ve been keeping our eyes out for the best poses, settings and ideas related to fire family photography and here’s a great place for you to get started with your ideas.

Every fire family has a photo complete with fire engines and bunker gear.

Thanks to all the fire families who were gracious enough to share their photos!

Announcing the New Baby in your Firefighter Family

Tips for showing off the newest addition to your firefighter family:

  • That tiny sweet soft baby in Daddy’s big strong, sometimes rough and calloused hands will be an image you’ll never want to forget
  • Sleeping babies nestled in unique places…..why do we love this so?  I don’t know but we can’t help it.  So cute!
  • Big brothers and big sisters showing the little one the ropes
  • The shoes.  All the shoes.  The sizes and types and contrast and reality it brings for how many little feet are going to be running around your house!

When attempting to take any of these photos yourself remember this……

Lighting is everything.

It really is everything.  Natural light.  Early morning or evening light is “magic time” for photographers.  Light coming in a window during nap time is great.   If you are taking photos yourself, avoid the flash and use as much lighting as you can.

The secret of some of the best photographers – tripods

They give you that stillness you need to capture everything in perfect focus.

Also with focus…..being able to focus on something in the foreground while softening the background has super creative outcomes.


Get down on the ground at their level.   Or shoot from way above.  But straight on photos are boring in comparison to those with interesting angles.

When all else fails, there are a zillion amazing filters and apps out there to correct some of your “amateur mistakes”.   Just go for that artsy look and have fun!

firefighter family photos for twins
Special note:  Especially when taking photos with infants, be sure that the child does not physically touch any of the bunker gear or equipment.  There are many harmful carcinogens on that gear that our family should not be exposed to!

Your New Firefighter Family – Engagement Photos

You’ve dated and selfie-d and yes, you’ve probably boasted a little bit when telling others that you are dating a firefighter so why not show off your hero in those engagement photos?

When marrying a firefighter, the fire life becomes a part of your ways.  Acknowledging your fiance’s passion and love helps get you off on the right foot.  And….incorporating the spouse’s non-firefighting passion and talent would really set you up for success.

Some ideas of shots / angles / items to include:

  • That sparkly, feminine diamond laying on some rough, tough fire gear
  • The cute “kissy” shoes photo.  Firefighter boots and your sexy shoes facing each other.  We know what’s happening off frame.
  • The fiance in the fire coat
  • The classic firefighter carry
  • Make a heart with the hose line
  • Any scene where you are being rescued by your hot firefighter

Now for the entire firefighter family

My husband DREADS picture day.  Like majorly dreads and does it because he loves me so much (and because my birthday is in October and I can usually ask for a family photo session as a birthday gift!)

It’s totally understandable though.  How do you get all these people looking good and smiling with eyes open in the same moment so that it doesn’t look all fake and forced but like the naturally relaxed and happy family you are?  (I’m so kidding.  Our realest moments are the messiest with tear stained faces and sticky counter tops!)

Still, we want that moment where we all feel and look our best and to see the love shine through.   (and let’s be real.  We need to top our sister-in-law’s holiday card right?)

Some tips for family poses:

  • incorporate various elements of gear
  • the classic front of the engine shot is MANDATORY for every fire family album but let’s be truthful, it’s not the most flattering place to pose
  • Make it really personal with dad’s gear
  • Less is more.  It only takes one or two firefighter elements to make these photos work
  • The brick wall or bay door at the firehouse makes an awesome backdrop

 Take the chance to do this if you can!

The possibilities are endless and with Instagram and Pinterest these days, well, let’s just say this blog post took us awhile to deliver because we got so caught up in combing through the eye candy photography ideas on those sites!
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