On November 24, 2016 we give thanks. On November 25, Black Friday, we find great deals on holiday gifts for our loved ones. We continue that on Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

But on November 29, we show support to our beloved non-profit organizations by participating in #GivingTuesday. For the second year in a row, 24-7 COMMITMENT will share in this charitable occasion.

Some facts:

  • 70% of the funding for non-profits in our country come from individual donors like you, not corporations and grants.
  • Our application for a fire service grant was denied this year as more funding was sent to safety concerns (we support this but look forward to the day when behavioral health topics are given more support)
  • Most marriage non-profits are funded by churches and since we are a secular organization, this channel has not been open to us.
  • We reach over one million people a month with our online resources and the services needed continue to outpace our funding.  (Details on those numbers are here)

This #givingtuesday we are asking everyone to step up for a cause you don’t normally see in the headlines except in negative news stories.    We need your support to continue to serve in 2017.

How will your donation impact 24-7 COMMITMENT?

Proceeds raised by 24-7 COMMITMENT fund the following programs in 2017:

  • Online Peer Support Communities supporting now over 5,000 registered participants
  • Development of new modules of our First Responder Marriage training programs
  • Development of new modules of our Fire Wife Academy
  • More mentors for our growing community of marriages in need
  • Funding for our COMMITMENT Weekends, marriage events for firefighters and their spouses

In 2016, our organization estimated needing just over $200,000 in funding to continue to deliver services for the current level of participants.  Since the beginning of the year, the need has grown and we have not had any other giving campaigns nor national fundraisers this year to support that.  This is the time.

We’re challenging all of you who are fire families to “My Commitment 2017”.

It starts with $5 but it’s more than a financial commitment.

  • It’s a commitment to uphold the integrity and honor of marriages of first responders.
  • It’s a commitment to be the listening ear when someone needs a healthy vent.
  • It’s a commitment to honor our own marriages with extra intentional love and focus.
  • It’s a commitment to challenge in a healthy way some of the barriers in the fire service that are impacting marriages – lack of communication, infidelity, addictions, lack of caring for one’s own mental health.

If you’re a “normal” married person, that list probably tweaks a little something inside you.  Because every single marriage has experienced it’s own valleys.   Think of who was there to walk you through those moments.

We want to be the community that walks alongside the firefighter and their spouse sharing with them encouragement, a positive outlook and the willingness to keep fighting the good fight and avoid divorce.

Our goal is to find 500 people

Sounds Great! What can I do?

There are many ways that you can help us achieve our goal:

  • Spread the word about 24-7 COMMITMENT and our involvement with #GivingTuesday
  • Use the hashtag #GivingTuesday on Facebook to share your experiences with 24-7 COMMITMENT and why you care about this mission too
  • If you are a firefighter wife, become a basic or premium member and support our cause.  (Premium members in December receive a coupon for $10 off our new jewelry collection)
  • Anyone who cares about this mission can simply make a donation now or on Tuesday November 29!

How do I donate?

The donation page is always active. Donate here.

Have any questions or other great ideas about #GivingTuesday? Contact Lori Mercer by emailing contact at firefighterwife.com.

Want to hear and see more?

In September 2016, our organization applied for a First Responder non-profit contest to appear on an NBC game show.   Our audience shared this video like mad.  We blew away the competition with likes, shares and comments.   But….so far no phone call to appear on the show.   It’s ok.  Because what happened with this video was so powerful to show the impact our organization is making on marriages.

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