New Year’s Eve – Date Night Delight or Dud?

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A night off on a holiday. 

It feels like it never happens, right? All the good ones always fall on shift. He gets transferred from station to station and is always back in the rotation where BAM – holidays are workdays. This is the life we signed up. Honestly thought? It sucks. 

Then it happens. A free night. On a holiday. New Years Eve. 

Now, New Year’s Eve isn’t the biggest holiday for me. I am not a “go out and go crazy” type person and when I think of all the crowds and singles living it up for the last night of the year. My firefighter is home and I want to spend the night with him. We get to spend the night with the kids, making it a family date night until bedtime. Then it turns back to the two of us. 🙂 

Here is where I struggle (I promised I would honest with you all always!) I love what New Year’s stands for. A fresh start.  A new beginning. The chance to start the year with the one person that you love and cherish more than anyone else. For me, that is my husband, my firefighter. I want that time to be meaningful, special, fun, and not cost a fortune. Is that too much to ask? 

Moments like this is when I am so thankful for our partner, Dating Divas. You guys. I am busy – just like you. I want the night to be special but I don’t want to plan a darn thing because quite frankly? I just do not have the time! We have Christmas. Family events. Activities for the kids… the list goes on and on. I need something that will be low-key and right for us. They have come through for me again and we ALWAYS have fun on these dates. 

If you have been wondering if it is worth it – try this one… you will not be disappointed! Everything is completely done for you and it’s pretty amazing how much thought went into it. 

New Years Eve Countdown Bags pinterest

Each hour leading up to the clock striking twelve, guests get to open up a little bag filled with goodies to help them ring in the New Year! Some are treats, games, movies, you name it! So fun, right?!


6:30 PM – New Year’s Eve Dinner and Decor

7:30 PM – New Years Eve Loaded Questions Game

8:30 PM – New Year’s Resolutions

9:30 PM – New Year’s Eve Movie -> kids to bed!!

10:30 PM –  Cheers to the New Year PLUS “Midnight Kisses” 🙂 🙂 

11:30 PM – Prepare to Ring in the New Year!


Included in this awesome pack is:

  • Fun Countdown Bag Printables (to put on your hourly goodie bags!)
  • Gorgeous Party Decor (banners, embellishments, you name it!)
  • Hysterical “Loaded Questions” Game (who doesn’t love this game?!)
  • Inspiring Resolution Prompts (both darling and inspiring!)
  • “Pop-tastic” Popcorn Boxes (I always think of popcorn on NYE!)
  • …and SO much more!


As always, I cannot thank Dating Divas for partnering enough with us. Our partners are what keep our organization going and it just helps that they create such fun and incredible products that I look forward to sharing with you. Cannot wait to bring this out next week! 

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