12 Ways to Organize Your Home Fire House Style

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You’d be surprised how functional and easy it is to find things in a fire house these days with all the new organizational items that are out there. Nothing beats the old classic hooks and benches though right? Whether you’re trying to save space or add functionality to your home some of the best ideas can actually come from your firefighters place of work. We’ve put together a quick and somewhat frugal collection of items that you can use for multiple purposes and add your own personal touches to still. If you don’t like the color something comes in you can always use chalk paint which is easy and cheap to find in TONS of colors. 

Wooden Bamboo Bench

Multi-purpose sitting and storage bench made from bamboo. This bench is easy to assemble and take apart if you need to move or adjust the shelves below. The slats featured all over actually work in your favor to not allow dirt to collect and instead fall down below for easy clean up. Order Yours HERE.

Kitchen Organization

No more need to rummage through the kitchen closet to find the right mop or broom when you can just hook it and forget it til the next time you need it, plus these are super quick to just go and grab. Each section on this tool holds nearly 8 pounds of weight! Order HERE.


Create a work and home feel with these kid and adult friendly cubbies where they can hang their hats, bookbags, and more. Order yours HERE.

Metal Lockers

Bring a little bit of work home with this classic way to organize the kids stuff or tools even in the garage, the options are limitless with the old metal lockers. This exact set measures 36″W x 12″D x 78″H and featured 6 locker spaces. Order Here.

Slim Storage Cart

Every home needs at least one of these! They fit perfectly between washers and dryers to store all your detergents and more and it frees up tons of space for other things in your laundry room. These are so easy to use you can use them around the whole house. Order HERE.

Wall Mounted Mesh Storage

Store your hats, keys, wallets, and everything you need as you head out the door. This Storage Organizer features 2 cube-shaped shelves, 2 storage bins, a shelf space at the top, and 2 metal hanging hooks. Order Yours HERE.

Wire Spice Rack

The enclosed shelves on this wire rack help ensure that your favorite spices and herbs stay in place and won’t slide out. Even better the rack can double as décor when you hang it on the wall in your kitchen (or in your cabinet door). Order HERE.

Decorative Ladders

These days ladders are a great way to keep things organized. You can create your own or re-purpose an older wooden ladder (you can add rungs) and use it to hang towels in the bathroom or blankets in the bedroom or living room for decor. You can find pre-made HERE.

Double Prong Robe Hook

Anyone else think these look like little octopus(is it octopi?) These hooks are great and sturdy, hang your hat, robe, backpack, and more on these. Multi-purpose and they come in darker and lighter colors to match other decor. Order yours HERE.

Command Hooks

These specific Command Hooks are awesome for moving around, putting up, taking down, and more. They DO NOT remove paint when you remove them and you can use them to hang towels, hats, and so much more. Super versatile and budget friendly way to organize items up and out of the way. Order HERE.

GearGrid Mobile Lockers

Your firefighter may tell you these are the exact ones they use at the fire house! This GearGrid Mobile Locker is available in 18?, 20? and 24?openings, with or without doors. Being mobile allows for ease of use anywhere in the house including the garage. Order Yours HERE.

Can Storage System

Keep the cans current and rolling with this effective storage system that you can also store just about anywhere. Store up to 36 Can w/ variable size. Made from heavy gauge steel, sturdy and strong. OrderHERE.

Do you have something you use in your home that has some fire house roots? How does it help you stay more organized?  

Leave a comment and let us know!

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