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I don’t know about you but the cold weather seems like it is here to stay. Every morning we wake up and immediately, I know, it is going to be cold in the morning and even colder at night. By the time dinner rolls around I am ready to feel warm, cozy and relaxed. I want our meals to be something the kids look forward to and I want it to something isn’t stressful for me. 

(A girl can dream, right?)

We made the Eat Like A Firefighter Book to help solve this problem.

If there is one group of people that know how to put good food on the table that is comforting, warm, and gets people excited – it’s our firefighters!  The Eat Like A Firefighter Cookbook was so popular it completely SOLD OUT!   It is full of mouth-watering recipes that families around the country look forward to every night.   We are releasing it once more as a special digital copy – time to get yours now!  HERE.


With that said, I am so excited that this month we are partnering with a new organization – Garlic Clove Foods. They are a family owned business that is creating healthy, natural recipes that you can enjoy in the kitchen. Inspired by a food allergy in their own family, the D’Angelo’s now bring fresh foods to your home so that you feel confident the food you put on your table is good for your family.  We’re all about easy, right?!  Not only that, the food is GOOD! 

You don’t have to take my word for it – enjoy the deliciousness yourself. Garlic Clove Foods have graciously offered you a new customer discount.  You can get 20% off – simply enter B20 at checkout.  So head over to try something wonderfully and save a few bucks trying.  Their products contain 100% organic whole grains, no added salt, sugar or preservatives.  

Shop HERE.


Another company we recently started using and want to share with you,  Zaycon Fresh. We have been so impressed with their quality and with a family this size, bulk is always helpful!  They offer Quality Foods At Unbeatable Value, Direct from the Farm to Your Family Table.  Why Zaycon Fresh?  We say, why NOT Zaycon Fresh!  Because Zaycon Fresh means delicious, high quality, farm-fresh food for you and your family. Save big off grocery prices when you order online and pick up at a location near you!

More on Zaycon Fresh Here

Got chili on the brain now?  Good!  Let’s get to cooking!

We know the competition is going to be fierce.

The kitchen isn’t my happy place but I love a good challenge! First step to get me ready? We’re testing the new Firehouse Chili from Garlic Clove Foods that everyone is raving about! (Don’t forget your 20% off when you use B20 at checkout at GarlicCloveFoods.Com!)  

Did we mention it’s QUICK?!  Easy and quick is great for someone like me who doesn’t exactly whip up the best meals on my own.  So simple, even I can do it!  All you do is bring 6 cups of broth to a boil. Add contents of package and simmer for 20 minutes. Enjoy!


Product information:

This 3 Alarm Firehouse Chili is a fiery blend of red beans and chili peppers. Add ground meat or keep it vegetarian, we promise you’ll come back to this one over and over again! Ingredients: red beans, carrots, onions, bell peppers, guajillo chiles, cumin, oregano, crushed red pepper.



You read that right.  SHOW US YOUR CHILI!

We want you to try the Garlic Clove Chili, or make your own.  Post your photo to our Facebook page, either on Firefighter Wife or the Eat Like A Firefighter page.  Use the hashtag #247chilicookoff.  You never know when we may share your photo.  We can’t wait to see your chili… and to show us ours 😉



This post contains affiliate links.  We don’t do a lot of that around here but when we do we legally must let you know. We choose partners that give back so that we can keep this non-profit going, to continue offering free services and resources to fire service marriages and families!



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