Since the beginning of Firefighter Wife, we’ve spent a lot of time helping wives understand what it’s like to be married to a firefighter and how to make the most of the fire life.   But we’ve also been clear, you are WAY more than a fire wife.   You’ve got a life too (and by the way, the best way to improve your marriage is to improve yourself!)
What we haven’t done is spend a lot of time saying “Hey firefighters, your wives are doing some pretty bada$$ stuff themselves.”   And I’m talking beyond just holding down the homefront while he’s away.   Yes, family first, but all of you have talents and gifts and many of you chose to exercise them in a career of your own.
Something must be in the air regarding this topic because it’s also been a request for our marriage panel discussion at Commitment Weekend.   How can the firefighter support his wife in her career ambitions and goals?
Most of you know that my husband has been uber supportive of what we built here together in this non-profit.   What you may not know is how many tears and challenges we worked through together as a couple along the way.   Building a non-profit is not easy on a marriage.
What you also may not realize is that this non-profit was a side track from my own business, Lori Mercer, CTO, where I do consulting and technical implementation for online businesses and more recently, help mom’s quit their day jobs to do freelance consulting from home (   Basically, firefighter wife grew to the point that we decided to go all in on it to serve this awesome mission and only in the past couple of years have I been back to focusing more on my consulting business.
Now, working from home is a huge blessing, but also presents some interesting challenges when you’re married to a firefighter who is often home during the week such as:
– When I’m in my office preparing for a conference call or delivering client work, my husband popping in with a mouthful of Oreos wanting to show me the latest hockey video is a major derailment for my focus.   
– And his perception of me “sitting in my office at the computer” is sometimes that I’m browsing Facebook for fun and shopping online.   The modern day version of eating bonbons all day right?   So wrong.
– He’s used to an “I go when the bells ring” schedule and can relax all day at home and my carefully planned day of productive work between 9 and 3 while the kids are at school isn’t what he wants to experience.
– Oh, and should I mention changing from a regular salaried position to completely irregular income (and months at a time with no income at all as we were building the non-profit), makes for some delicate financial planning conversations.
But he loves to see me happy doing what I’m doing.   And I absolutely could not be doing this without his full support.
If you do anything related to online marketing in business, you’ve for sure heard of Amy Porterfield.  What you may not know is that Amy is also a Fire Wife!   No.Way.   That’s what I thought when I first learned of this through a connection with one of her team members.
By any standard, Amy has had enormous success in her business and with her Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast.
Recently, she took a different approach on her podcast and decided to feature a discussion with her husband Hobie, a San Diego firefighter.
I giggled as they described some of their life challenges I could so relate to.  And through it all, Amy and Hobie dropped some essential marital advice gems.
Why don’t you just check it out for yourself here at this link: Amy Porterfield – Love and Business: How to Make It Work 
And for those of you ladies out there who are fire wives but also, and maybe more importantly to you, are running your own business, I’d love to chat.   It’s a topic I simply can’t get enough of with other like-minded women, especially fire wives who juggle it all with the fire life schedule.
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On a mission to be and inspire us all to be better humans, to strengthen fire families & marriages, to nurture and encourage fire wives, do "good business" in all areas of my life and of course, love on my 4 kids.