Somedays the time creeps by. Then you try to take a picture of everything you do that day and realize you are a productivity rock star.

Start with treat for Mommy.




Coffee for the kids too (just kidding! Vanilla steamers = milk for the day 🙂

Gaze at pretty things you enjoy. (Yes, I’m a nerd and the moleskine display at Barnes and Noble is my fav.)

Find something to make you laugh.

Rotisserie chicken for lunch. Easy – Check. Healthy – Check. They like it – Check Plus!

Since you went healthy for lunch, go frozen for dinner.

Check out the bathroom at every retail establishment you visit. (On the 5 year olds list)

Take cute pictures of your kids doing what they love.  (Send them to FF Dad on duty)

Scrub your bathroom shower grout with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (true story)

Chop up ingredients for the next day’s slow cooker meal.

Take time to paint your toenails.

Say YES to ice cream sundae snacks before bedtime

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