Please welcome Fire Wife Sisterhood member, Jennifer Edwards. She is one of our many fire wives who have battled and beat cancer. She shares with us a little bit about her breast cancer journey. Thank you so much, Jennifer.

In February 2010, I was loving life being married with two boys. I went for a check up and was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was only 37 with no family history of breast cancer. It took me forever to even say cancer. But I kicked it’s butt!! I choose to remove both breast with immediate reconstruction after having a lumpectomy. The risks of the cancer coming back were too high. I refused to live day to day scared to death. I went through four surgeries in a year and a lot of pain but I am proud of my decision. And I am very proud of my scars. I also go every six months for check ups and so far everything is great. The only side effect is memory loss. But I am finally learning to accept it and my body. I thank my family for being there for me during this battle and I thank God for letting me be a survivor to share my testimony!
-Jennifer Edwards
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Join us on October 24th, 2013 at 9 PM EST for the Pink Party where we’ll talk to more fire wives, battling, surviving and being proactive about cancer. For more information, CLICK HERE.



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