’s Fit Fire Wife is challenging YOU!

beach (2)It’s August and we’re bringing you a CHALLENGE!  Yes, we went there and we challenge YOU to put in 50 miles by the end of August.  Walk it, run it or bike it…when and where you can.  Get out and get moving! It never matters how fast or slow you’re going, as long as you’re moving!

One of the many perks of our Fire Wife Sisterhood Membership is the Fit Fire Wife group. This group dedicated to keeping us motivated about being the best us we can physically be. There are no awards. No contests. Just encouraging and supporting each other to make an effort to live healthier lives.

Make the pledge today to take a few small steps to being a more active you.  We even have graphics to share and a Facebook cover photo you can also use!  The best thing you can do for you husband and families is take care of yourself.

beach (1)

For more information on how to join the Fire Wife Sisterhood, click HERE.

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I'm a work from home, 30 something, small town, Southern Georgia girl. I have two daughters, one in high school and one in primary school. I am the wife, biggest supporter and BFF to my country Firefighter/EMT husband of 8 years. When I'm not juggling life, I like cooking, crafting, gardening and just enjoying life.