Our Rescue Pack Exchange Program is in full swing!  It’s one of our member favorites and we have to say, we love it too!  It’s such a simple way to get to know other Fire Wife Sisterhood members.  You give and get a Rescue Pack.  Just imagine going to the mailbox and finding something that was made specifically JUST FOR Y-O-U!  Who doesn’t love that?

March’s theme is: Sewing Seeds of Sisterhood.  We’re bringing this theme back from last year because everyone loved it.  Last year I got Dahlias bulbs and I am patiently waiting for them to come back up as soon as Spring arrives!  This was my personal favorite theme because it really has the potential to last years and years to come, reminding me of the Sisterhood.


Participants are paired up with another Sisterhood member to exchange mailing information, allergies if applicable and enjoy conversation to get to know one another better.  What type of plant/s would you like to receive?  Flowers, herbs or veggies? Seeds or bulbs? Carefully packed fresh seedlings?

Quick list of rules: You send and receive a package.  $10 limit.  Package very carefully.  Mail by the deadline, via Priority Mail.  It’s that simple… and FUN! Sign up for this exchange is FEBRUARY 24 – 27th!

If you want to know more about the Rescue Pack Exchange or want to participate, click HERE.



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