We love ONE Extraordinary Marriage, their story and their programs.  101 Questions ready to go to reconnect you with your spouse?  Yes, please!  Sometimes a little help to nudge us in the right direction is just what we need, even when it costs us a few bucks.

Do you remember when you first met your spouse? All those deep and meaningful conversations as you got to know each other. The kind of conversations that seem to go missing as you settled into a routine. Life can happen and get in the way.  We all need to reach in and make sure that we keep our communication open in our marriages. Conversations that keep us connected and growing in the same direction as a couple.

Our friends over at One Extraordinary Marriage have 101 Proven Questions for Couples to help you connect like you were when you first met.  Their list runs through so many topics and ideas, you’ll likely be learning so many new things about your spouse that you never never or thought of before.  

One Extraordinary Marriage is so sure that their 101 Proven Questions For Couples will improve your communication and intimacy in 30 days or they’ll give you a full refund!  For just a few bucks, we say that’s money well spent.  Don’t take our word for it, try it out for yourself.

 (*This is an affiliate link, we do get a tiny portion of purchases to go right back into creating free resources and programs for fire service marriages and families at 24-7 Commitment.)


Get your’s here: 101 Questions



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