9 Thanksgiving for my Marriage


How are you doing on this 30 Days of Thanksgiving for my Marriage Series?

Day 9 we are focusing on being grateful for the big and little ways we support each other in our jobs. Jobs and careers may not define who our spouse is as a person, but it certainly is an important part of their lives.  It can get stressful, have great moments to celebrate and sometimes we just have to listen to all of those details we may not understand.

Today I am grateful for the career part of my spouse, not matter what career path they are on.

We live the same lives

10431673_794236683950042_7769078106866288435_nSo many of our lives mirror each other.  Most fire wives get so much information from their firefighters that may not make sense, things that we cannot truly understand, but listening and letting our spouses share with us is such an important part of being a wife.  Being there for them, in every aspect of life, includes their careers.

Firefighters may not be able to understand the things their wives go through in their careers and jobs. It’s also important for the wives to feel like their careers and dreams matter too.

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