Blogger Partner Program

As a blogger / writer / speaker in the fire service, you have an opportunity to influence firefighters on a daily basis.

Whether you are writing about tools, techniques, leadership, the latest news and products or your personal fire service experience, you have an audience who is captive.  And with that audience comes the opportunity to leave the fire service a better place with each and every post.

In order to inspire every corner of the fire service to “be the best you” and honor their commitments not only to the job but to their families, their marriages and the brotherhood, it will take stories and motivation from all of us.

Here is what we’d like to do….

FireFamily.Life will spotlight fire service bloggers on our site and social media platforms giving you exposure to our audience (currently over 70,000 on social media, 15,000 email addresses and 100,000+ website hits per month)

Your Requirements:   Provide us with a guest post (or series of posts) on a topic pertaining to the firefighters views on marriage, family and brotherhood.  (We have long wish lists of post ideas to discuss with you in case you drawing a blank.)

You are doing a huge benefit to the fire service by writing about topics such as:

  • The best ways to communicate to your spouse at home while at the firehouse
  • Sharing how you decompress from bad calls without stealing from family time
  • How you find energy for your family after a long night on duty
  • Secrets to making your fire marriage work…the good, the bad and the ugly all apply here

Your post will stay in our archive of topics and the best posts will be re-shared frequently with your name and blog link included.

If you’d like to support this mission even further, we have graphical badges you can post on your page and in return we will list your blog in the “most committed fire service bloggers” gallery.

And to go one step further, we do offer affiliate options for select blogging partners allowing you to earn a commission on membership sales you send our way.

But the bottom line is this….. we all need to be sending positive messages about marriage and family if we truly want to reduce the rate of divorce and the impact it is having on families in the fire service.

Will you make the commitment to join our team of bloggers on this mission?

Please complete this interest form and we’ll be in touch with you right away.

And thank you for stepping out and sharing the good words with our fire family across the world!