The threat to firefighters is real.

You can lessen the risk

It still surprises many to know what a threat cancer is to firefighters.  Frequent exposure to carcinogens when fighting fire that may then sit around contaminating their gear and equipment has lead to a higher rate of cancer within the fire service.

There are steps you can take to lower the risk.

Cancer hits close to home here at FirefighterWife. With a firefighter having a history with the “C” word. Read more on a firefighter’s diagnosis in ” It’s Cancer. Again.

The picture above may make you feel a little squirmish, but don’t worry, it turned out ok in the end. Check out the conversation this photo sparked on Facebook.

There are so many support organizations out there who spend sleepless hours researching, raising money, and devoting their time to supporting families who are dealing with cancer. There are even some who specifically focus on firefighter cancer.

We should all work hard to educate ourselves, as well as firefighters and their families, about early detection and prevention.

Our friends at Firefighter Cancer Support Network have tirelessly worked on education and support of those who are facing the fight.

To receive the free report from Firefighter Cancer Support Network “Taking Action Against Cancer In the Fire Service” click here.

Here are some of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network’s best reminders to share with your loved ones in the fire service. 

Feel free to share this information with your firefighter, families and departments.