For The Chief – Resources for Your Entire Fire Family

Dear Chief,

I apologize for all the years that I did not understand my husband’s job in the fire service and how it impacted our entire life.  I just didn’t know.  But now we are a success story.  From crying my eyes out when he left for a 48 and adding extra stress when he didn’t have time to call home and check on us and a firefighter who was a grouchy, grumpy, irritable man.   To complete openness and trust in our communication as a family and support for each other for all topics that impact our family especially including his responsibility as a firefighter.

And we’ve taken all that experience, and the experience of many other fire wives and rolled it into programs available for all fire families.

The Fire Wife Sisterhood:  Our safe, highly supported, online community for fire wives

The Fire Wife Academy:  Online training for fire wives on topics such as worry, fear, jealousy, parenting, communication and simply learning to be their best.

Please watch this personal message from me describing what we are all about then click below to access information about how to bring these programs to your department.

We want to change lives.  We want to save marriages in the fire service.  And by doing that, we know that all of our firefighters will be safer and more focused on their jobs instead of struggling with challenges at home.   Happy Wife.  Happy Firefighter.


Lori Mercer
Founder and President,


For more details on how these programs can be offered at your department, please click here: or complete this information request:

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