Resources for a Fire Department

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Department Subscriptions Are Available

Normally priced $80 / year per couple, a department subscription is discounted and varies based on the number of firefighters and officers but discounts range from 10 – 60%.

<25 Firefighters:   $1500 / year

26 – 50 Firefighters:  $2500 / year

51 – 75 Firefighters:  $4000 / year

76 – 150 Firefighters:  $5000 / year

>150 Firefighters:  We’ll offer additional onsite seminars.  Prices can vary.

This is a great add on to your departments EAP programs.

How it works:

1.  Purchase an annual subscription for your department at the agreed upon discount for your department

2.  You will receive an email and printable instruction sheet to give to each member of your department.

3.  The firefighter and spouse can each the login and create their own account at no cost to them with your departments access code.

For in person speaking, classes and workshops for your departments families, see below.

Click here for details on the Fire Wife Sisterhood.


DSC_9406In Person Workshops and Speaking

Lori Mercer, founder and owner of and her husband Dan Mercer, 14 year firefighter and certified instructor, is available for workshops and speaking engagements which bring all of these programs to life with hands on discussion and activities.




For more information on any of these department specific programs, please contact us with this form:




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