I Need Private Help

“I have a fire family situation I seriously need some advice about, can you help me privately?”

This is an email we receive multiple times a day here at FirefighterWife.com.  Every time I read one it breaks my heart because someone is hurting and help has not reached her yet.   Here at FirefighterWife.com, we have not yet landed that mega-sponsor that would allow me to staff a 24/7 hotline for fire wives to call (but we’re praying for that!  Let us know if you know someone!)

However, we do have a community of hundreds of Fire Wives in the Fire Wife Sisterhood.   And you can join for only $8 / month or $60 / year.

I know what you may be thinking. Why should you have to pay for advice?

Because you get a safe, protected, closely monitored environment.  A safe place to connect to people who get your life and share a common mission – to encourage fire wives and strengthen fire marriages.

Because running a community supporting this many fire wives doesn’t happen at zero cost (even if you are a non-profit.)  There are still servers whirling and attorneys and accountants to keep us squared away.   And hours and hours and hours of administrators who keep this place the welcoming community it is.

But the bottom line is this.

When I was a desperate, losing my mind, not sure if our marriage would survive, fire wife, I had nowhere to turn.

Because no one had made the investment to bring this community together.  And I would have paid my arm and my leg to have a community like this to turn to.   Think of it like joining the girl scouts or a sorority or the Moose Lodge or any local civic association…..only way better.  Because it’s fire wives.

Or if an online community is not your thing, try one of our resources in the Fire Wife Academy.


I do wish there was a giant fire wife fairy who could give us a magic money tree and we could shower you all with the resources you need at no cost.  Oh wait, there is!

Have you considered telling your chief about the Fire Wife Sisterhood and having the department sponsor memberships for all the wives in your department?   For more details send him to FirefighterWife.com/chief

In the meantime, give up an over-priced (insert guilty bad habit like that coffee addiction) per month join the most supportive community of women you’ve ever seen.