Why 24-7 Commitment?

Our Favorite Non-Profit serving the fire service.

As a non-profit, one of the primary sources of funding for is individual donors, people just like YOU.  Supporters not only have the opportunity to make individual financial contributions,  but to help fundraise on behalf of 24-7 Commitment!

With the mission to honor, encourage and support fire service marriages and families, FirefighterWife stands along side of 24-7 Commitment.  They have provided resources, programs and private online communities at little or no cost to their audience since 2015.  To serve the ever growing audience, 24-7 Commitment requires additional funding. They do not often ask for funds directly as an organization because people have simply stepped up and said “how can we help?”

Please consider sharing the 24-7 COMMITMENT mission with others who may also be in a position to support financially.

24-7 COMMITMENT is just as committed to integrity, transparency, effective use of our resources and the impact we make with them as they are to marriages.  They applied for federal non-profit approval status in February 2015 and received that approval in July 2015.  2015 was their first year of financial reporting as a 501(c)3 non-profit, and thanks to individual donors they continue to service the Fire Service today. They pride themselves in being 100% transparent in use of funding and support for their initiatives.

Will you help us support 24-7 Commitment too?

Feel free to email us at with any questions and we’ll get you all the answers!


How to Fund Raise

Opportunities to support 24-7 Commitment

If you have an idea or a request for fundraising (selling a product, holding an event, etc) please contact us at this link.   We’ll review requests and support you by providing our organization’s information, graphics, and input for making your fundraiser a success.

(And for anyone out there reading this page…..THANK YOU already just for considering the idea!)


How Your Financial Support Funds Marriage Programs


From 24-7 Commitment:

Q:  How are we funded as a federal nonprofit? 
A: Our organization grew by individual firefighters and fire wives financially supporting us through subscriptions and memberships. We have various levels of memberships available depending on personal needs. A key component to our community is the personal commitment to change the culture of the fire service to grow happy, healthy marriages and families, and in turn, better firefighters. One-time donations are another way we are able to continue to reach out and support fire families.  And we welcome your fundraising efforts on our behalf.

Q:  How can I become a supporter? 
: You can become a supporter by becoming a supporter of the Fire Wife Sisterhood or Honor Guard, or you can make a one-time donation to help us sponsor new fire families.

Q:  How are the funds used?
Funds help us to create new resources and develop existing resources and programs, operate our private support communities, train facilitators, and hold events designed to strengthen fire families. We are real, transparent, and direct.

If you have any questions regarding our organization and use of funds, we would be happy to answer them. You can contact us here