Virtual Holiday Bazaar Sponsors

No standing on a gym floor all weekend hocking your goods!  Join our season long Virtual Holiday Bazaar and sell your product to a highly targeted audience 24/7 offers this Business Advertising program giving you an exclusive privilege to share your business with our firefighter wife community.  I am very protective of not over commercializing this community so our main mission stays in focus – to be a support and encouragement for fire wives everywhere.  This program allows only the best products, services and partners to be shared with our community without being a tacky internet billboard.

We have experience in knowing what it takes to market and attract the right people via email marketing and social media and will work with you for the best program offers and graphics and posts to best find your ideal customer and convert sales.   We only want to offer this program if you can be successful with your business as well.  It’s a win-win partnership.

What do I get for participating in the Virtual Holiday Bazaar?

Both options include website, email marketing and social media advertising from now through December 31, 2013.  No other advertising programs are offered during this time period aside from our Flame Fest main event sponsorships.

$100 Option (limited to 6 participants)

  • Your business facebook page and website will be featured at least 2 times on the Firefighter Wife Facebook page and my twitter feed at prime viewing times during the morning, lunch or evening hours.
  • Your business page and website will be listed in the Shopping directory at (highlighted boldly on the website)
  • A 125 x 125 website banner ad linked from the front page and every blog post page on the website (graphic supplied by you)
  • Your business will be personally recognized in the private firefighter wife group at least once a month
  • You can offer one special that will be mentioned on our Facebook page
  • Your own Pin on our Pinterest Board
  • Listed in our email marketing blasts that will go out a minimum of 3 times between Nov. 5 and Jan. 1

$200 Option (limited to 4 participants)

Everything in the $100 option plus:

  • A Product Demo during our Virtual Holiday Bazaar Spreecast (watch our last PINK Party Spreecast here…so much fun! And over 2000 views!)
    • Have a live appearance during our Virtual Holiday Bazaar on Wednesday November 20th.  Either you personally appear by webcam and demo your product or you can send your product to us to describe and demo live on camera.
  • A blog post highlighting your products and business to be featured during the weeks of Nov. 11, 18 or 25th – you provide the blog content, we help you make it pretty and polished.
  • Double the social media mentions
  • A larger website banner ad 250×125 listed higher in the sidebar



What kind of businesses does this work well for?

  • You have a website that describes your products / services and ship nationwide
  • You can turn around items ordered now through Dec. 1 (or later) in time for Christmas
  • You have products that appeal to the fire family or women / families in general
  • **Bonus**  If you can take coupons on your site, it’s great for extra conversions of sales!

Great products for this include…, clothing, home decor, personal care items, kids toys and clothes, anything crafty!

If you are on Etsy and Ebay and have trouble getting more traffic to your page, this will definitely help you out.

When we featured products like firefighter themed jewelry and home decorations during Flame Fest 2013, our website and facebook page had RECORD NUMBER OF HITS and these vendors had more orders than they knew what to do with!!

How many people can you reach? Hundreds of thousands in our highly engaged community!

Facebook Insights for from Oct. 27 – Nov. 3, 2013

ffw fb page insights nov 4 2013

fb page engagement

Our Social Media + Email Marketing Community is over 30,000 total.
Our website is getting 80- 100,000 hits per month.

It is so easy to reach more potential customers when you partner with active communities like


To participate, purchase your package by clicking on the “add to cart” buttons below.

No other promotions or business advertising will be allowed on during this holiday season.   It’s an opportunity for you who are focused on growing your businesses to shine and stand out.

Note:  Exclusive offers and special pricing for fire wives will sell even better :).

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Some of our sponsors include:

Mialisia Versatile Jewelry

venezia banner 1


Wired for Freedom on Etsy  Wired for Freedom on Instagram