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24/48, 72/96, Monday – Friday, on call…The schedules in the fire life can be crazy and unpredictable at time. In Chapter 4 we give some examples how calendaring, routines, and a large helping of grace helps get through the beautiful chaos these schedules can bring to our everyday lives. Have you mastered the scheduling logistics in your family?

Picking Vacation Days!

Choosing Vacation Days for Fire Families


Every station handles how vacation days are given differently. In this post we hear from fire families on how their vacation days are chosen, dealing with blended families, planning in advance, holidays, mismatched vacation days, and trades.

Separate the Fire Station from the Vacation

How to Disconnect the Fire Brain on Vacation

Unplug from the station

Firefighters aren’t the only ones who have a hard time turning off work and being present. Recover, reconnect, and be all in on your time off with your loved ones.

Community Discussions

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