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As if the fire life wasn’t challenging enough, some of us decide to add in a kid/kids/bonus kids/etc. In Chapter 6 we see how our whole perspective is changed when you add kids into the mix. You can handle whatever the fire service throws your way through supporting each other and honoring that great mother/father you are.

Make a Special Meal on Shift Night!

The Fire Wife Mommy Blues: Drowning in Kids, Can’t Call 911








How do Fire Wife Moms make it through the long shifts while taking care of the kids, and some of them working full time themselves?






Finding Childcare 

Finding Childcare for Every 3rd Day Except Tuesdays







It is hard enough to find good childcare with a consistent, regular schedule. Here are some tips on how to find childcare in the fire schedule.





Consoling a Child’s Heart

Firefighter Dads, Little Girls, and Broken Hearts

Firefighter's Little Girls








We have all seen the falling tears of a child’s broken heart when the fire department unexpectedly takes over our family time. Tips for the at home parent and firefighter on how you can help ease the pain of missing a parent.





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DIY Fire Kid Air Tank

DIY Fire Kid Air Tank

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