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Visits to the firehouse can break up those long days apart. In Chapter 7 goes over general guidelines for your visits, how important it is to keep communication open between spouses (the avoids those awkward moments that can happen if you don’t!), and things that are important to understand about the visits. Your station may be more family friendly than another, and we have to just take those as they come.

Know the Firehouse

5 Things You Should Know About the Firehouse from Firefighter Husband








Home Sweet Home? Notsomuch. There is a responsibility and accountability for your firefighter when they are at the station. It isn’t all daisies. Hear it straight from the mouth of a firefighter.

What the Firehouse is Really Like

I Used to Hate His Firehouse







But now I don’t 🙂 The firehouse isn’t just some place our firefighters go to blow off steam, watch movies, and have guy time. It is their job, and it includes the lives of others.









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