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Ways to Honor a Retired Fire Wife

Ways to Honor a Retired Fire Wife

Firefighters and fire wives both know the sacrifices we each make living the fire life. Although we may not always tell each other. A little thank you or acknowledgement of how much your spouse gives, either at home or at the station, can go a long way to the heart of...

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Anytime Chili Cook Off

Anytime Chili Cook Off

I don't know about you but the cold weather seems like it is here to stay. Every morning we wake up and immediately, I know, it is going to be cold in the morning and even colder at night. By the time dinner rolls around I am ready to feel warm, cozy and...

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12 Ways to Organize Your Home Fire House Style

12 Ways to Organize Your Home Fire House Style

You'd be surprised how functional and easy it is to find things in a fire house these days with all the new organizational items that are out there. Nothing beats the old classic hooks and benches though right? Whether you're trying to save space or add functionality...

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Easy Promotion Gift Ideas for Firefighters

Easy Promotion Gift Ideas for Firefighters

"Help! My firefighter was promoted and I would love to get him an awesome gift… but what?" We hear this ALL OF THE TIME! So to save your sanity and wallets, we've put together some great gift ideas on a budget and without one just in case you have multiple people...

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Firefighting is a noble profession. And also one that takes an emotional toll sometimes at the expense of marriages and family life. Our Mission is to honor, strengthen, support and encourage fire service marriages and families.

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Whether you are a firefighter or a significant other, male or female, struggling or just wanting to be a part of a good community that is positive, uplifting and supportive of your choices to honor your marriage and family, this is for you.

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With professionalism, integrity, top quality programs and a positive environment, we offer:

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