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Family First, FDIC, or Both?

Family First, FDIC, or Both?

Here's a long one..... are you ready?   Are you going to FDIC? Is your firefighter? Do you even know what it is?   At least here in the midwest, the buzz is loud about this event - the largest gathering of firefighters in the country drawing around 30,000...

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Fire Wife Finds

Fire Wife Finds

  Over the years we've learned that a lot of our Fire Wives love to craft and can be ingeniously frugal!  The Dating Divas have helped with that, a lot!  They continuously bring great new Date Night Ideas, seasonal themed print packs and...

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Step Away From Your Devices:  Your Summer Unplugged

Step Away From Your Devices: Your Summer Unplugged

Often we struggle as fire families to make time to do things together.  For some of you, the fire service gets nearly every free moment - life shouldn't be that way. (*ahem*  I will not call you out so harshly, but if you're not giving your spouse and family...

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Ways to Honor a Retired Fire Wife

Ways to Honor a Retired Fire Wife

Firefighters and fire wives both know the sacrifices we each make living the fire life. Although we may not always tell each other. A little thank you or acknowledgement of how much your spouse gives, either at home or at the station, can go a long way to the heart of...

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