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Our Mission

is pure and simple

To Honor, Encourage and Strengthen Fire Wives, Marriages and Families.

We aren’t counselors.  Please also seek counseling for many of life’s curve balls, this is great advice we not only give… but utilize ourselves.  But we do want to be that supportive bridge during those times of need.  To use a sterile professional workplace term, we are “peer support”.  In real life words, we are the non-judging supportive friends you’ve been seeking.  Our  involvement with the mission started with the fire service where the divorce rate have been quoted to be as high as 75%.  We want to see that number fall.


Here you will find helpful resources like:


The Firefighter Wife Blog

You deal with unique challenges as the wife of a firefighter. Here is a great place to join other fire wives in laughter, advice, stories, tips, and encouragement. 


Top Resources

We’ve hand selected our favorite and most trusted resources on topics important to all fire families.  Find them all under the Find Resources option in our menu. You’ll find resources for:

Beahvioral Health


The FirefighterWife on Facebook

Keep up with the latest news and find free, helpful and fun resources, series, articles and posts shared through the FirefighterWife Facebook Page.


The FirefighterWife Shop

Shop with us to find great marriage enriching products and of course, fire life swag. 


The people that are involved with this online community are just a little different. They understand the ups and downs of our daily lives. Some days were doing great and then we hit bottom, really missing our Firefighters or spouses.

Honor and Commitment

This book is for you.

Have You Read the A-to-Z Guide for Fire Families?

Honor & Commitment:  Standard Life Operating Guidelines for Firefighters and Their Families has become a fast favorite for fire families everywhere. 

This book covers real topics, from real fire families helping you to see that you are normal and there is a positive way through this fire life.

Get your copy today. Available in paperback, ebook and 10 pack bundles at a discount!


I thought I would hate Commitment Weekend when my wife asked me to attend. I hesitantly agreed, but left with better connection with my wife and the urge to help strengthen other firefighter marriages through sharing my experience.

I’m A Seasoned Firefighter / Fire Family and LOVE this Mission. How Can I Do More?

Many find us and say ‘I wish I had this when we were a young family’.   If that’s you, we’d love your support!   Please consider ways you can step alongside and help us as a volunteer, donor or just spreading the word.

We are overwhelmed with men and women who reach out and want to serve along side us.  W-O-W!  So many amazingly talented firefighters and spouses.

Please be patient with our response as we receive many emails daily while trying to maintain our day jobs, manage our families, and well, you know, juggle the fire wife life!

Here are ways you can help as a volunteer:

  • Are you a writer?  We love guest bloggers to add to our wealth of knowledge here on the site. Real life from those who are living it.
  • Love on others on in our Facebook Community at
  • Share our resources with anyone who may benefit.
  • Share our resources with your Department.

I was very hesitant to sign up for the girls weekend. BUT It was a great weekend with some very special bonds formed! I was able to relax and focus on myself and forming real bonds rather than diapers, feeding, and nap time! This is going to make me a better wife and mother!