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He’s putting fires out all day at the fire house (ok, well not all day every day but when they’re not putting them out, they’re training to put them out) and comes home exhausted and stressed out. You’ve just held down the home front single-handedly while he’s away. Broken pipes, irritating neighbors, kids that don’t go to bed on time, and the endless dishes and laundry.

Besides, your firefighter is gone probably at least 1 out of every 3 nights, perhaps more if he’s working multiple stations or wild land fire. Throw in a couple kids in your bed some nights and that doesn’t leave a lot of opportunities for alone time. 

So how do you keep the flames burning in your bedroom?

In this guide, we’ve captured the best suggestions and given you a formula for a little exercise to spice up your love life, no matter if it’s already smokin’ hot or if you’re a little shy and just like it lukewarm.


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