Hey There, Working Mama

You were MADE to be a mom but driven to also share your gifts in leaving the world a better place.    Be sure to sign up for our working mom email list (yes, even if you aren’t married to a firefighter.  Everyone needs a 24-7 COMMITMENT lifestyle.)

Need something more?   If you have a dream in your heart to run your own business, are cranking on a side gig you wish could be more, or you’ve already launched into that world and need an extra boost, you’ll want to look at this.  


Fire Family Freezer Cooking

The challenge has been thrown down.   My husband was giving me those looks all summer when someone said "what's for dinner?"   Our crazy spring schedule is still in the recent uncomfortably hungry memories.   This fall we will NOT be left without dinner options. I...

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Work That Works

The "sweet spot" is when this "life formula" adds up: Committed Marriage + Physical Health + Mental Health + Happy Family Life + Your Work Is also Your Passion (+ your personal cup of tea hobby and interest)  = The Sweet Spot Of course that never adds up perfectly.  ...

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Creative Work Options for Fire Families

You’re likely to spend 40 years of your life in some form of employment.   And, those will be the best hours of each of your days that you spend doing “work”. No matter how much you love your work, once you have children, you realize your most important title in life...

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Living Your Best Year Ever

Efficiency is so important to me.  And so is helping people.  So let's do both.  From a place of genuine helpfulness that serves our mission - to strengthen marriages and families.   We simply can't do that if we aren't operating at our best.    I don't want to waste...

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Make 2016 A Fresh Start?

When it became December 1st a few days ago, I had a little jittery panic moment.  Only 30 days left in this year.....time to finish out those goals and begin thinking about what 2016 will bring. It's a great time to hit the "refresh" button and get a clean start.  ...

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Busy or Prioritized?

"There is no one busy in this world, it's always about priorities.  You will always find time for the things you feel important." People always say to me they don't know how I do it.  4 (busy active years) kids in hockey, soccer, scouts (I'm the leader), full time...

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