Hey There, Working Mama

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Need something more?   If you have a dream in your heart to run your own business, are cranking on a side gig you wish could be more, or you’ve already launched into that world and need an extra boost, you’ll want to look at this.  


Worst Day of the Year for Working Moms

Before I even start, let me clarify.  All mom's work like mad.  But in this case, I'm using the term "working moms" to refer to mom's who work outside the home.The worst day of the year for me is the first day of summer vacation. It's not because I'm dreading having...

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Forty is Fabulous

Today I turned 40.  My heart is overflowing and broken and on fire all at the same time.  And I think this is exactly where I need to be. It's overflowing because I have 4 healthy, gorgeous children and a marriage that is forever. Because my parents are healthy and...

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